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About us

Established in 1970, Keyport Lock Corporation is a distributor of padlocks, custom locks and accessories for motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, ATVs and trailers.

Keyport prides itself on maintaining a large inventory of its high quality products to guarantee fast delivery. Orders are shipped out the same day they are received.

We are a major supplier and distribution center for anti-theft related products across Canada.

We specialize in customizing a wide range of locks and keys for :


Trailer and RV Industry

Schools and School Boards

Gyms and Community Centers

Industrial Companies

Many others…

We at Keyport are committed to expanding our product offerings while continuing to focus on customer satisfaction.

We are proud to be suppliers and distributors of the following companies:


Brandmark_2reds_RGBAxiom TM SquareMasterAmerican - Small Box

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